Plans to redevelop a bus station and include a sought-after indoor skate park are gaining momentum, campaigners say.

Members of the Trick Factory steering group met with representatives of Bridport Town Council and Dorset Council to discuss ideas on redeveloping Bridport's bus station, off Tannery Road.

They were joined by members of charity BYPAT (Bridport Young Persons Action Trust), the Rotary Club of Bridport and representatives of Jurassic Fields music festival when it was agreed all would work together towards making the redevelopment possible.

As well as resurrecting the indoor skate park, those behind Jurassic Fields plan to create a professional rehearsal and studio space for community groups and arts outreach programmes.

A new café will also double up as a performance space.

Steering group chairman, Arthur Woodgate, said: “Once we are assured of the new building going ahead we will focus on raising funding from national sources. In the meantime, we will continue to muster local support – experience shows that the more support you have from within your own community, the more likely it is to come from beyond it.”

This means the group's local fundraising campaign continues; Trick Factory supporters raised £280 at the recent charter fair, including £150 from the sale of town survey Daryl Chambers’ collection of biographies and autobiographies of sporting greats.

Ivor Bending, of the Rotary Club of Bridport, has recently launched an appeal at which saw a £400 donation from Burton Bradstock Bridge Club.

The club's Kathy Hince said: “This is a popular afternoon club and in the summer we play at each other’s homes and collect money for charity. This year we wanted to do something to help the young people of the town and chose the indoor skate park.”

"With other support pledged from local businesses and organisations, and with Bridport Town Council having already allocated £35,000 to the budget, the movement to resurrect the Trick Factory, closed some three years ago after 17 years of voluntary work with young people, continues to gain momentum," added Mr Woodgate.

For more information about the bus project, contact, the Trick Factory and the Jurassic Fields project