An explosive night of fireworks brightened up a wet and windy weekend, with crowds braving the elements to enjoy dazzling displays.

Despite the weekend's stormy weather, conditions improved by Saturday evening - just in time for events in Bridport and Lyme Regis.

Bridport Round Table's annual display, which raises vital funds for local causes every year, went ahead at the leisure centre.

Organiser Simon Wakely said: "The Round Table has been putting on this event for years and years and it's a really good family-friendly event with a great atmosphere. We are pleased with the support we were given, considering the circumstances with the weather - it was a tough night.

"It's a shame we were up against it, and so our takings were down a little bit, but we are thankful and grateful to the people in attendance and it was a success - the display was great and we're very pleased."

Organisers are still totting up the amount raised on the night, after which time community groups, clubs and organisations will be able to request funding.

Lyme Regis' firework display also went off with a bang, with an estimated 4,000 turning out to watch the annual extravaganza.

The weather cleared to allow the display to go ahead and for the crowds to watch the sea light up below, however, the bonfire on the beach had to be cancelled.

The evening was organised by Alan and Lynne Vian and enough money was raised from the collection to fund a similar display next year.

Alan said: “Sadly, the wind was too great to light the bonfire on the beach, but we were grateful to everyone who helped us collect money and steward the event.

“Many people had travelled a long way to see the fireworks and some had even booked a weekend’s accommodation for the event.

“It was another great night in Lyme.”

Charmouth’s firework display was cancelled due to the poor weather.