Good times were shared, traditions celebrated and friendships made when a rock and roll circus sailed into town - and if you didn’t pay a visit, you missed out.

French music, circus, food - and onions - made for a wild and wonderful third Onion Jack festival at the weekend.

In homage to the Onion Johnnies, who for nearly 200 years have been crossing the Channel to sell their onions, garlic and produce throughout the UK, more than 14 bands and 50 volunteers came to West Bay from Brittany to play a free, rip-roaring festival in a beautiful big top on Fisherman’s Green.

In the build-up to the festival, a Breton sailing ketch brought sacks of pink onions from Roscoff to West Bay harbour on Wednesday, where they were unloaded by human chain into a horse drawn cart before Bridport mayor, Cllr Barry Irvine, opened the festival on Friday evening.

The event is organised by the Onion Johnnies Association, based in Brittany, and it says it was delighted by the number of people who came to join the fun.

President of the Onion Johnnies Association, Laurent Caroff, said: “The festival combined many of my favourite things - good-time songs, great food and, of course, onions. It was really good that so many people came out to have a good time with us at West Bay. We have made many new friends.”

A song, ‘We are the Johnnies’, written especially for the occasion, became an anthem of the festival. Its co-writer, Bruno Lasselin, said: “When my brother and I knew we were coming over to play at the Onion Jack festival in West Bay, we wrote the song. We have had a great time here, and I hope we will come back.”

Performers Paco & Pouppette said: “We are so happy to have been in a beautiful place with beautiful people for a beautiful project. We can’t wait to come back.”