I cannot understand Mr Chery’s plea for honesty (Bridport News, October 10) in which he goes on to denigrate the work that Oliver Letwin has done for this constituency in a seeming reference to the MP’s signature requiring the government to leave the EU with a deal or seek an extension to the proceedings.

Although he voted to leave, Mr Letwin has supported the referendum, but making sure that the UK leaves with a proper agreement with the EU.

As a volunteer at Bridport Citizens Advice, I would like to thank Mr Letwin for all the work that he has done on behalf of constituents in Bridport and district, since without his undoubted influence and knowledge of Government and its departments, many people would be suffering injustice by bureaucratic blunders leading to extreme hardship.

I wish him well for the future.

Incidentally, I am not a Conservative supporter.

Jessop Avenue, Bridport