The ice cream kiosk, Baboo Gelato, were giving away one free scoop of ice cream to customers who could produce on their Iphones with proof of having seen their advert on Facebook. Possibly the weather had an impact on this promotion on Sunday. However, I am sure those adherents of Facebook took the opportunity to sample this delightful locally made ice cream.

From tomorrow, October 18, until Sunday 20, the Onion Jacks will be in the bay for their biennial visit. When they came in 2017 sadly the weather did not behave and many planned activities were curtailed. Historically, it's been a challenge to date precisely when the tradition disappeared or, indeed, when it restarted. The association Onion Jack offers the tradition around the Johnnies in Brittany where the pink onion is sold in strings. When they arrive in the UK they are sold in the same way. Who knows what will happen at the end of the month!

On Saturday 19, between 11am and 3pm, there will be a grand book sale in St. John's Church to raise funds for the improvement works to the kitchen area. The church has appreciated the recent donation of lots of books left anonymously at St John's. These, coupled with a wide variety of books from stock, form the foundation of the books that will be on sale. Please come along to the church sometime on Saturday lunchtime and pick up an absolute bargain. Some of the editions for sale are virtually brand new and many have only been read once.

On Sunday 20 at 3pm, the Bridport Branch of the Royal Naval Association will hold their annual Trafalgar Day service in St. John's. Residents and visitors are welcome to join in the occasion. Trafalgar Day, which is actually on the 21st, commemorates the victory won by the Royal Navy commanded by Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson over the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805. It is a long held and established tradition for members of the Royal Naval Association to observe this event annually. Do come and join them.