THE amount of cash each school will receive in funding for 2020/21 has been revealed for the first time.

The government says schools which have been historically underfunded will get the biggest increases from the extra cash from the new National Funding Formula.

Our schools will receive the third lowest amount of funding per pupil of any area of England next year

To see how much your child's school is set to get, search the table below.

The list below includes both primary and secondary schools. A three-year plan to increase school spending by £7.1 billion by 2022/23 was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in August.

The move came after years of lobbying by heads and teachers for more cash.

And now the Government has published information on how the first year of investment (2020/21) – totalling £2.6 billion nationwide – will be allocated to schools.

Cash is allocated using the National Funding Formula, which takes into account factors such as size of school and demographics, as well as historic funding levels to ensure that schools get a minimum amount of money per pupil.

But school leaders said there are concerns about schools which are only getting an inflationary increase, arguing that costs are rising above the rate of inflation.

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said: “Boris Johnson said we should not accept the idea that there can be ‘winners and losers’ when it comes to our children’s futures when he announced that there would be extra money for schools.

“But we can see clearly from the detailed allocations that there are winners and losers.”