A sporting and militaria sale at a west Dorset auction house is offering a range of interesting lots.

Busby Auctioneer and Valuers’ Sporting Sale, taking place next week, will offer a substantial archive, accumulated by a single owner over the last 45 years.

The collection comprises more than 500 original black and white press photos by renowned sporting photographers, such as Frank Meads, father of Jim, with the bulk covering packs of foxhounds. In all, the collection covers packs of foxhounds, beagles, otter hounds, stag hounds, drag hounds, blood hounds across the UK and touches on stalking in the highlands, grouse shooting and point-to-points. The photos cover the period from 1900 up to the 1960s with images of some famous packs, their Masters and hunt staff.

Other lots include an early 20th century Galeazz/Spezia diver’s knife, bought from the current owner from a Mr Louis Basso, the third generation of a Weymouth diving family. Apparently, it saved his grandfather’s life when repairing the harbour wall. His left hand became under a steel cable and with the knife in his belt and only 15 minutes of air left, he cut his fingers and swam free.

To go with the knife, Busby will also offer a rare photograph of L.Basso & Co Travelling Aquarium and Divers, which depicts members of the diving company dressed up in front of a huge diving tank in Weymouth, at the first Regatta (carnival).

The tank was filled with fish and it's reported that you could pay a diver to retrieve one for you - a board next to the tank lists conger eel and shark among the options. The elder Mr Basso appears in the photo, along with his son. The grandson Louis Basso, who gave the picture to the vendor, and sold the knife, is not quite in the frame, being in a pram, the wheels of which are just visible at the bottom right of the photograph.

The sale will be held on October 17 at Busby’s Bridport showroom.