A new telecommunications company which plans ultrafast full-fibre optic broadband to towns and rural communities in Dorset has launched.

Jurassic Fibre will be rolling out a gigabit-capable network in the south west over the next five years, as part of a long-term £250million pound infrastructure project.

Phase one of the network build starts this autumn and will expand to cover areas around Exeter and towns and villages in Devon. The network will then roll out to cover areas in west Dorset, Dorchester and Weymouth.

Michael Maltby, CEO of Jurassic Fibre, said: “This is a big step forward for connectivity in the region and absolutely vital as more and more of the world goes truly digital.

“Jurassic Fibre will be working with communities, councils, businesses and consumers to develop a new fibre to the premises network, bypassing the decades-old copper one that most homes and businesses still rely on for broadband and phone landlines in the South West.

“We are delighted to be partnering with one of the world’s largest technology providers, Tata Consultancy Services. Jurassic Fibre will be taking the internet experience for families and businesses to a whole new level, allowing people to be ‘truly digital’ in their day-to-day lives, making the digital plumbing of the south west a reality in the 21st century.”

Tata Consultancy Services, a company with close to half a million employees operating in 46 countries around the world, is the first of several key partnerships to be announced as part of what ultimately is expected to be a £250m investment in the broadband infrastructure of the South West.

“Fibre optic broadband connectivity will enable residents and businesses across the South West of England to realise the potential of digital technology,” said Carol Wilson, Head of Europe and UK, TCS Communications, Media and Information Services.

“Around the world businesses are using digital technology to harness new opportunities and transform their operating models. We are proud to support Jurassic Fibre through the TCS HOBS platform, which will help the company deliver the ultrafast internet speeds to businesses and consumers.”

During the last three months, Jurassic Fibre has undertaken a programme of community consultation. This has included presentations to communities within the phase one catchment area, focus group research and positive meetings with councils, business groups, schools, companies, health centres, care homes, landowners and potential local suppliers.

Toby Parkins, chairman of Tech South West, said: “Improving broadband is absolutely vital for communities and businesses across the South West. Standing still is not an option. Too many parts of the region will be held back, hitting business communications and productivity.

“This a very exciting project for the region that will be warmly welcomed by both the business community and householders looking for improved digital connectivity.”

Alongside the major investment and broadband infrastructure roll out, the economic benefits to the region will see new jobs created, including senior management and technical roles. The team at Jurassic Fibre, a mix of South West based employees and telecommunications experts from around the UK and beyond, is already up to 40 people, with another 40 expected to join over the next six months.

Consumers and businesses can find out more about the different areas set to benefit, and register their interest at jurassic-fibre.com.