Residents are being reminded that they can recycle their old pens at the library.

Since Bridport Pen Recycling was launched, more that 15 kilos of pens have been collected at Bridport Library and by local schools and community groups.

Pens, felt tips, highlighters and markers can all be recycled, as well as mechanical pencils, correction tapes, fluid pots, fountain pens and ink cartridges.

Bridport Pen Recycling also offers collection from local businesses and groups. Put a collection box in a well used area and when it’s full, take it to Bridport Library or email You can also ply for posters and a list of acceptable pens to recycle to put with the collection box.

Pens are sent to TerraCycle to be recycled into other products such as watering cans and park benches.

For more information about what can be recycled, visit