I am writing regarding the article and letters about the inefficiencies at Lloyds Pharmacy.

In May of this year I wrote a letter to Lloyds head office about this issue this is the reply that I got: “I would firstly like to express my sincere apologises that your prescription does not seem to be ready for collection whenever you or your husband go to collect. I can appreciate this must be frustrating and it is never our intention for anyone to feel this way when visiting one of our pharmacies. I can confirm I have informed our Regional Management Team about your experience. They will conduct a full investigation into the matter, taking any action deemed necessary. Mrs Welch, I can assure you that we are deeply committed to providing an excellent customer experience in every one of our pharmacies. Although I am aware that this was not your experience, please rest assured that we will improve for the future.”

Now that the matter has been highlighted in the local paper I wonder if anything will be done because it certainly hasn’t so far! In fact I would go so far as to say it is worse.