We would like very much to express our appreciation for everyone and everything that helped make this year’s Charter Fair so much fun.

On the day, and in the period leading up to Saturday’s event, we couldn’t have done without the help of Dan Broom, Stuart Broom, Dave Swaffield, Teresa Grinter, Mark Margetts, Jason Foote, Dee Fenton, Kathryn (Red) Smith, Nick Goode, Jennie Mulcahey, Mitch Norman, Will Austin, Terri Foxwell and her Crew and Daryl Chambers and his team. And… rather a lot of others, including rather a lot of young people from Bridport Primary School and the Sir John Colfox Academy.

So many terrific events now fill the Bridport calendar, each with its own identity and intrinsic value.

What we love about the Charter Fair is that it brings together so many of our community’s diverse elements, interests and ages. We love the atmosphere, the relaxed feeling that this creates.

Thank you to everyone who helps make this possible. Sandra Brown, John Dobinson, Linda Larkin, David Powell, Grayham Rosamond, Margaret Trevett, Arthur Woodgate – the Charter Fair Steering Group.

P.S. It’s good to keep a hold of worthwhile traditions, but things need to evolve in order to survive.

We’ll be considering what to keep, what to add and what to change at our evaluation meeting on Thursday October 10 – that’s at 10am in the Market House in West Street. You are welcome to join us.

Bridport Charter Fair organiser