OCTOBER 7, 1994

TOWN CHANGES: Bridport town centre could soon have two mini roundabouts, three road humps, eight zebra crossings and 33 extra parking spaces.

A West Dorset Council senior planning officer has already criticised the idea of putting a mini roundabout, instead of traffic lights, at the town hall junction and another at the junction of South Street and Church Street. He also attacked the idea of realigning all the kerbs and disrupting Bridport’s historic street scene.

BOMB MYSTERY: Detectives investigating bombs left at a Chideock home admitted they were mystified.

Two weeks ago, there was a minor explosion in the garden, when an aerosol can with firelighters attached was hurled into the garden. Last week’s bomb was left on the front doorstep, tied by a piece of string to the front door handle d to go off when the door was opened.

DRINKING BAN: A call by former mayor Colin Crosby for a by-law to ban drinking on Bridport’s streets has failed to win the backing of the town council’s finance and general purposes committee.

Councillors agreed the police act very quickly when there is a problem of alcohol abuse in the town and their task could be made even more difficult if a by-law was introduced.


OCTOBER 3, 1969

BAD TRADE: Holiday traders in Lyme Regis claim that the county council is bringing the summer season to a premature close.

Some of the seasonal caterers have already shut their doors because, they maintain, the closing of Bridge Street for road repairs in early October will kill the passing trade, which could have given a much-needed late fillip to a very poor season.

RECEPTION WITH QUEEN: The chairman of Bridport and Rural District Council, Mr A. A. J. Palmer and Mrs Palmer have been invited to attend a reception to be given by the Queen in London.

The occasion is to mark the 75th anniversary of the Rural District Council’s Association.

WINNING ORGAN: Bridport Junior Training Centre for Mentally Handicapped Children has been given an electric organ which was made by Mr. Willatt. The organ was entered in the Old People’s Exhibition of Arts and Crafts and won first prize in its section.