THE DORSET Wildlife Trust (DWT) is asking people to be on the lookout for hoverflies this month.

The DWT has named the hoverfly as its 'Species of the Month', and is looking for anyone interested to help with efforts to survey and record it.

A spokesman for the DWT said: "Our Species of the Month species surveys are an important way you can help us. Records are sent to DERC (Dorset Environmental Records Centre) who collate this information to build up a picture of the of the state of Dorset's wildlife."

Hoverflies, which have the scientific name syrphidae, can be identified by a number of features. They have a body with orange and yellow bands. They have one pair of working wings, as well as a spurious vein.

In spite of their appearance, they are not related to bees and do not sting.

The DWT is currently running its 'Get Dorset Buzzing' campaign, through which it aims to encourage people to make their gardens more friendly to pollinators.

People are invited to take the 'Pollinator Pledge', in which they commit to do at least one thing in their garden to help Dorset's pollinators.

Anyone who sees a hoverfly can report it to the trust at