SEPTEMBER 23, 1994

FOOD FIGHT: Selling Whoppers has landed small businessman John Dunn in hot water with fast food giants Burger King.

The firm’s lawyers have told Mr Dunn that he must stop using the name West Bay Whoppers for the huge burgers he sells at the Tea Caddy in West Bay.

SCHOOL COMPLAINTS: Plans have been drawn up to demolish Colfox School and spend up to £7,375,000 on new buildings.

Dorset County Council has been spurred into action, after 15 years of complaints from the school, by a shocking new report on its facilities

LIBRARY LOCATION: Residents have lost their campaign to persuade the county council to site Bridport’s new library in the former Co-op building at South Street.

The council is sticking to its decision to build the library at the nearby fire station when it is vacated.


SEPTEMBER 19, 1969

ATHLETICS CLUB: Corporal Richard Calderwood, stationed at RAF Dunkerswell, is keen on starting an athletics club in Lyme Regis.

Twenty six year-old Richard, a member of the London athletic club Belgrave Harriers, thinks that Lyme Regis would be an ideal training area.

DRIVER AWARD: A 66-year-old Bridport driver has received the Company of Veteran Motorists’ golden award for 50 years behind the wheel. He is Charlie Gillham.

In half a century’s motoring, Mr Gillham has never been to court for a road traffic offence.

NEW POST: Major J. W. Spicer of Whatley Farm, Beaminster, was elected chairman of the Conservative Party National Conservative Political Centre Advisory Committee at the annual meeting in London.

He succeeds Dame Margaret Shepherd DBE, who held the post for the past three years.