Volunteers are being invited to help take care of the town’s orchard.

There will be a work party at Bridport Community Orchard on Sunday from 10am.

A spokesperson for the Bridport Community Orchard Group said: “As autumn rapidly approaches and the apples ripen on the trees, we will be having an apple juicing session during the course of the morning.

“Other jobs will include the picking of more apples, the cutting of grass from several areas, installing a bat box in the sycamore tree and checking and cleaning out bird boxes.”

The orchard can be found off South Street, behind St Mary’s Church, and all are welcome to join.

Refreshments will be provided for helpers.

For more information about Bridport Community Orchard and upcoming work parties and events, visit bridportcommunityorchard.org.uk.

The next event will be Apple Day on Saturday, October 12.