The Bridport News, August 1, contains a letter from Gordon Harrison who complains at impassable Rights of Way around Bridport and Loders, though he does not specify the actual path of concern.

I am the Rights of Way liaison officer for Loders Parish responsible for maintaining safe and easy access.

We are blessed with numerous paths and bridleways for locals and visitors to enjoy our wonderful west Dorset hills. The area is recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is being considered as a National Park.

It is true that this time of year can be particularly challenging.

I therefore rely on the following:

1) That people report specific problems (my contact details are on the parish website)

2) A number of enthusiastic, skilled and hard-working local residents who volunteer to tackle problems as soon as they are reported and often use their own initiative to prevent problems arising

3) Dorset Council, which responds positively to any issue too big to be tackled locally

I encourage everyone to use our Rights of Way as the more they are used the clearer they become.

Please report any specific problems.