AUGUST 12, 1994

POOL OPENING: Jubilant Bridport swimming pool campaigners and members of the public enjoyed the opening of the new pool at the town’s leisure centre.

Bridport Action Committee for an Indoor Pool (BACit) members handed over a cheque for £182,500 to West Dorset District Council, which marked the culmination of 11 years’ dedicated fundraising and a long-cherished dream for campaigners.

FETE SUCCESS: A total of £3,075 was raised as almost 1,000 people attended Loders fete. Chief organiser Jessie Barrett said the total raised for the fabric of the local church and village hall was ‘extremely good, very unexpected, much better than last year’.

BURIAL DISCOVERY: Human bones unearthed on Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club’s land are from an ancient burial, police were told yesterday.

The bones were discovered by fossil hunters in a hole that had been dug in connection with golf course extension work between West bay and Burton Freshwater.


AUGUST 8, 1969

CLOSED SESSION: Despite please of ‘let’s have this in the open’ and ‘don’t let us be secretive’, Lyme Regis Borough Council went into ‘committee’ to consider counsel’s opinion on the question of liability - landslip - at Cliff House land.

The resolution to go into committee came after 30 minutes of discussion. After the vote was taken, there was sarcastic applause from the public gallery.

POINTLESS CRIME: Vandals stole chocolates, stationery and ashtrays from a Bridport newsagent and tobacconist last weekend.

Mr W. A. Griffin, owner of the popular shop in East Street besides the Star Garage, said that thieves had thrown chocolate into a car park and it seemed like a pointless crime.

ROAD CONCERNS: While the south section of the new link road between East Street and Churchfields will be completed in about two weeks’ time, the north section leading into East Street is still apparently untouched and in its original state as a disused railway line.

Families housed in council homes that must be demolished do not know when they are required to leave.