A beach clean to remove plastic waste is taking place in Lyme Regis in a campaign supported by TV star and environmentalist Ben Fogle.

Beer brand Corona and environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans is organising a series of beach cleans around the UK this year to remove plastic waste already on British shores, whilst educating participants on ocean conservation and how to become more plastic conscious.

The event comes to Lyme on Monday, August 5, running from 1pm-3pm.

You can sign up at ProtectParadise.com

With more than 65 beach cleans planned across the UK, Corona together with Parley for the Oceans is hoping to clean more than one million square metres of UK beach already affected by plastic waste.

There is no charge for residents and tourists to join a beach clean-up, however attendees must be aged 18 and over.

Ben Fogle, said: “You may feel like your individual efforts to avoid plastic are just a drop in the ocean. But if we all play our part, those drops will become a wave of change. I am working with Corona to help rally the public to join them in their efforts to reduce and remove marine plastic pollution from our oceans. It’s time to turn off the plastic tap.”

Meanwhile, to raise awareness on World Oceans Day, Corona has teamed up with Mr Fogle to launch a national pledge that aims to remove hundreds of millions of pieces of plastic from circulation in the UK, helping to protect beaches in the UK and abroad. The pledge came in response to new research which found that 69 per cent of Britons find plastic impossible to avoid, with the average Brit using cellophane bags at supermarkets 9.6 times a month, while cling film is used 8.4 times a month, and bottled water 7.2 times a month.

Mr Fogle is inviting people to give up just one item of single-use plastic for a month to demonstrate how small changes can make a big difference – as up to 326 million pieces of plastic could be avoided over the course of the month, if every adult were to give up just one item, based on the average plastic.

To make their pledge, Tweet @CoronaUK or post on Instagram tagging @Corona with the hashtag #ProtectParadise