A man has been injured after falling eight metres down a cliff.

He injured both of his legs after in the incident at Black Ven, near Charmouth.

Police, paramedics, the HART Team (Hazardous Area Response), Lyme Regis coastguard and the coastguard rescue helicopter were already responding to the incident when officers from West Bay arrived on scene to help set up a helicopter landing site so the helicopter could land after it had dropped its winch-man paramedic to the casualty.

Once the man had been reached, the helicopter took off again to collect the casualty and take him to Dorset County Hospital for onward care and treatment. A spokesman for West Bay Coastguard Rescue Team said: "We wish the casualty a speedy recovery. Thanks goes out to the general public who patiently waited while areas were closed off so we could safely land the helicopter."

Following the rescue, on Thursday afternoon, Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre said that, despite the incident, it still had to speak to a number of people along the cliffs yesterday (Monday).

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:


They said: "Despite the helicopter rescue we’ve had to speak to a number of people in the cliffs today. No matter how experienced you feel or think it will never happen to you, don’t take the chance.

"There are a number of hazards associated with the cliffs from rockfalls, landslides, mudslides and crevasses to fall into."

"Our local coastguard teams are volunteers and take time out of their working day to carry out rescues. For that we salute them."