PLANNING permission has been granted for a extension to a property in Lyme Regis, despite neighbours telling councillors they felt it infringed on their privacy.

The plan for an extension to a family home called Rashwood Lodge on Clappentail Lane, went before a Dorset Council planning committee.

Lyme Regis Town Council had been consulted prior to the meeting and made the recommendation for refusal given the "overbearing size of the extension, and the impact and degree of intrusion upon the privacy of the neighbouring property."

The owners of the neighbouring property attended the planning committee to voice their opinion once again that they believed this development would encroach on their privacy.

Dr Charles Wright, one of the neighbours, said he objected to the design and size of the proposal as well as its proximity to his home.

He said: "It is extremely imposing. People will be able to directly overlook our study, garden and kitchen."

"It will also result in the loss of privacy in our bedroom."

The applicant assured the committee that this was not their intention, and the report from the planning officer stated "there is not considered to be any significant harm to neighbouring residential amenity."

Cllr Kate Wheller stepped in to suggest a proposal to accept the application, as she felt the committee was "at risk of coming between a neighbour dispute."

The application was unanimously approved by the committee.