JULY 15,1994

WORLD ADVENTURE: Round the world adventurers Jason Lewis of Askerswell and his colleague Steve Smith set off on an epic Pedal the Planet Expedition.

They plan to pedal bikes across continents and power their craft across oceans during their 25,000-mile challenge.

MISS TEENAGER: Music lover Alison Lodder, of Walditch, has been chosen as Bridport carnival’s first ever Miss Teenager.

The 13-year-old Colfox student won the title from nine entrants. Her £25 prize money will go towards buying souvenirs when she goes to see her heroes Take That in concert at Wembley.

NEW LANDLORDS: Regulars at Symondsbury’s London Inn flocked to help new licensees Janice and John Coates celebrate their new venture.

The popular roadside pub, owned by Palmer’s Brewery, has been closed since May and for a while its future hung in the balance.


JULY 11, 1969

HISTORIC DISCOVERY: A flint axe, believed to date back to 400,000 B.C., has been found in a Lyme Regis cabbage patch.

The discovery was made by Mr H. E. Thomas, of Talbot Road, who struck something solid while digging in his garden.

ONE ENGLISH TEACHER: The fact that Bridport’s Colfox School was functioning without a second graduate English specialist was almost “scandalous” said the headmaster, Major Urwin Thornburn.

“This was Mr Bruce Critchinson’s post and the education authority has not yet seen fit to agree his replacement.

“Educationally, the situation borders on the scandalous. In the course of time it is bound to be reflected in the GCE examinsation result, though the most obvious casualty so far has been the inevitable abandonment of the annual school play or opera.

PARKING ISSUES: If car owners in the town do not use their streets in the proper manner, action will have to be taken. This could mean more yellow lines.

Cllr A. E. Lane, chairman of the highways and services committee at Lyme Regis Borough Council, said: “I cannot understand why owners of cars insist on parking on both sides of the road blocking traffic.