An organic west Dorset business’ produce has been recognised as some of the best.

Bridport-based Bothen Hill’s asparagus was awarded the best of organic fresh produce at the Best of Organic Market (BOOM) awards.

Run by Soil Association Certification, the UK’s largest organic certification body, the BOOM awards ceremony saw organic brands, products and people crowned as the best in their field.

Bothen Hill is run by the de Greef family from their home in Bothenhampton where they grow a variety of other organic vegetables, as well as the prize-winning asparagus.

Anita de Greef said: "We were delighted and amazed to win the award, the competition was very strong, mainly from much larger organisations than ourselves, so we consider it a huge achievement.

"We get such wonderful support from all our local customers here in Bridport, great feedback from them, and it’s really heartening to discover that the judges of such a prestigious national competition share their views."

The awards were attended by more than 300 guests from major retailers, organic brands and industry figures who came together to celebrate the best of organic.

Prizes were awarded to food and drink products judged on their taste and quality by expert panels from the industry.

Clare McDermott, business development director for Soil Association Certification, said: “The organic market is booming, with more people than ever looking for, talking about and choosing organic.

“Small steps can make a big difference in supporting our environment, and by choosing organic, we are all playing our part in supporting a more sustainable food system, working with nature to protect the soil, encourage wildlife, avoid antibiotics and reduce pesticide use.

“Organic businesses have always been innovators and pioneers and I am delighted we have been able to celebrate some of the very best through the BOOM awards, which get better each year.”