Women with great business ideas are invited to make them a reality with up to £5,000 of extra funding.

Crowdfunder is to launch ‘Back Her Business’ in Dorset with a free hands-on event at Bridport LSi and Alembic Canteen on July 10.

The event is open to women who are curious to learn more about running their own business and how they can make it happen.

The evening will explore the benefits of crowdfunding, deliver inspiration with stories from women with successful Back Her Business projects and share top tips on how to bring ideas to life and start a business.

It will also reveal how women can secure up to £5,000 of match funding if they join the programme and crowdfund.

Crowdfunder has launched the first female led crowdfunding platform, Back Her Business, in response to a study showing only 5.6 per cent of women run their own business in the UK. It wants to close this gender gap and offer financial incentives, coaching, mentoring and networking events.

Women are now able to set up a crowdfunding campaign on the platform to raise money for their new business ideas. Successfully crowdfunded projects could receive 50 per cent of their fundraising target - maximum of £5,000 - in grants from NatWest, as well as mentoring, coaching and networking opportunities with like-minded women to help break down any confidence barriers.

Dawn Bebe, director of Crowdfunder, said: “Back her business is an opportunity to meet like-minded women in Dorset who have an idea they would like to turn into a business.

“We will be there to offer them not just great information and advice, but also funding to help make ideas happen.

“We hope the free event will inspire and enable project owners to have the confidence they need to make their idea a reality, as well as providing super useful tips and skills advice on how to crowdfund.”

The event takes place on July 10 from 6pm to 8.30pm and to book a place, visit eventbrite.co.uk