A beauty spot and much-loved community space is in a 'very sorry state', according to the hardworking volunteers who maintain it.

The forest school area of Allington Hill, known as Cooper's Circle, was damaged by fire in May. Since then, according to the Allington Hill, Cooper’s Wood and Field Community Group, people have not been using the area respectfully.

The group's volunteers are hoping revamp the whole area - but they need about £3,000 to do so.

The forest school has been the location for many events over the past two-and-a-half years, including a toddlers' forest school, family activity events, bushcraft activities, birthday parties and wellbeing events.

Volunteers were left devastated after the fire and the community group was not sure if it would be able to repair the damage to the area, which is rich in wildlife.

The group's Cathy Harvey said: "We are taking the opportunity to revamp the whole forest school area and we would like especially to involve children and students that attend local schools to help fundraise, plan and help rebuild the area. After the initial fire damage sadly people have not been using the area respectfully and is now in a very sorry state. We have had so many fantastic events over the last two-and-a-half years, reaching many local schoolchildren and young families, as well as adult wellbeing events. We estimate that it is going to cost between two to three thousand pounds to rebuild to a standard that will last a good many years."

The volunteers have been busy planning ways to raise money to restore the area and are asking local people to collect wildflower seeds from the meadow which the group can sell to raise money.

You can join the group in the meadow on Cooper’s Field, off Hospital Lane, from 10am to midday this Sunday. (7)

"We just ask you give us an hour of you time, just bring a pair of scissors with you and enjoy an hour in the meadow surrounded by butterflies, bees and the sound of the birds," said Cathy.

If people have fundraising ideas or would like to get involved in the project, email allingtonhill@gmail.com