A west Dorset family fencing company has turned milkman and opened their own vending machine.

The team at John Bright Fencing and Country Stores now provides organic milk from a Swiss-style chalet right outside the Salway Ash store.

The milk comes from Holy Cow, a local farmer’s herd of Jersey cows.

Beth Bright said: “We wanted to give people the choice and convenience of buying really fresh local milk while supporting our local farmers.

“The milk is from a herd of beautiful Jersey cows and tastes like the countryside in a bottle, it’s deliciously moreish.

“There is no plastic, it’s low on food miles and being organic, is better for people, the cows, nature and environment.”

The milk comes in one litre and 250ml glass bottles and costs from £1.30.

The milk is kept at a constant cool temperature and after each transaction, the machine automatically steam cleans the dispenser.

The vending machine milk is always less than 48 hours old and has a shelf life of five days from purchase.

For more information, visit johnbrightfencing.com