A new youth club is a resounding success as more than 50 children join.

Bridport Youth and Community Centre launched its first junior youth club for ages eight to 11 and the response has been “fantastic”.

To celebrate the opening of the junior youth club in June, Jo Burlington hosted a spinning painting and drawing session, which was enjoyed by all. Children have also enjoyed playing dodge ball and other games, as well as making jewellery.

The club has proved so popular that it already has more than 50 members.

Heather, the developmental youth worker at the centre, said: “The junior youth club has been a great success, we can not get over the number of kids that turn up for each session and the interest the junior youth club has generated with kids and parents alike.

“We have received fantastic feedback and support on Facebook and Twitter from parents. They have commented that their child won’t stop talking about junior youth club, which is great. This shows what a much-needed resource the junior youth club is to Bridport.

“Thank you to Magna for funding this project and enabling us to run the junior youth club and to put on some wonderful activities.”

Heather and her team have an action-packed schedule for the junior youth club in the coming weeks, which runs every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

The centre also runs an xtreme youth club for those aged 11 to 18 on Wednesdays and Fridays from 7pm to 9.30pm.

The success of the youth club relies on more volunteers to come forward and help run the club.

For more information and to contact the centre, visit bridportycc.com.