Reports of scam calls in Dorset claiming to be from HMRC has prompted a police warning.

The Dorset Police Cyber Crime Unit have said that these scams are especially dangerous as they are spoofing real HMRC phone numbers.

Describing the scams, a spokesman for the police said: "The caller will advise you that you are behind on your taxes, and that payment can be made either through a bank transfer, or iTunes gift cards. They will also threaten victims with fictitious bailiffs, arrest and, in some cases, deportation."

The police have said that HMRC will not call regarding tax matter in a first instance.

A genuine message from HMRC would come by post first, followed up later by a phone call.

These real calls would cite a reference number provided in the initial letter.

The spokesman said: "If you haven't received one of the HMRC's dreaded brown envelopes, err on the side of caution and assume any calls are not legitimate. If they want to speak to you, they'll send you a letter."