AN avid fundraiser is appealing for ideas to help raise thousands of pounds.

Veronica Downey set up The Uparo Project in 2007 to help with a range of projects in the Tanzania village of Uparo, situated in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, where she taught in the 60s.

She is now looking for ideas for a new fundraising project for the village, which will cost thousands of pounds.

Veronica said: “These fundraising years have been deeply heart-warming, with many generous, talented friends, of all ages, fundraising and helping in many ways. These include coffee mornings, auctions of promises, a range of entertainment evenings with singing, music, poetry, morris dancing in the Catholic Church hall, charity quizzes in The Red Lion in Beaminster, dance evenings, jazz concerts led by the Rev’s Dan Shcakell, and even giving young children boxes of smarties to be filled with 20 pence pieces.

“Over the years we have provided staff accommodation at a rural health centre in the village, sewing machines and tuition for four young women to enable them to earn a living and farm equipment servicing at The Bethlehem Centre for Disabled Children.

“Fr. Godfrey, the man in charge, now hopes to provide solar panels for each of the four dormitories at the centre for lighting and heating - each will cost close to £2,300.

“Can you help in any possible way, however simple, to achieve this, through donations or running events of any size or nature?”

Any fundraising ideas or events can be passed on to Veronica Downey by calling 01308 862542 or emailing