IF you're worried about the increasing number of scams doing the rounds, reliable advice is being offered by kind volunteers.

Bridport and District Citizens Advice has a stand in Morrisons, Bridport, to draw attention to the growing menace of scams.

This type of crime has rapidly increased in recent years, much of it as a result of the growth of online fraud.

But people are also frequently subject to telephone calls from scammers and often receive bogus offers through the post. In addition, sweepstakes, lottery and other mass-market scams are becoming more common.

The action being taken by Bridport and District Citizens Advice is timed to coincide with the national Scams Awareness campaign which started on Monday and lasts for a fortnight. Its volunteers are in Morrisons’ to give out information about the steps that should be taken to avoid being scammed and answer questions.

Gill Acton, a research and campaigns co-ordinator who will be taking part in the initiative, said: “We want to remind everyone not to provide information, like bank details, computer passwords or PIN numbers, avoid replying to unsolicited emails and when they are received never click on any links or download any attachments.

“Particular care should be taken if an email sounds out of the ordinary, such as announcing a lottery win, or asking for payment in advance.

“It is important to be aware that scam emails can often look like they are from a real company, such as a bank or building society. If you have had an email that looks like it has come from your bank, you should contact them directly using the number on your card.

“We are particularly worried by the increasing number of elderly people who are increasingly being tricked by offers for miracle health products that claim to be cures for problems, such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer, or help you lose weight. We will be pointing out that what is being offered is unlikely to do you much good, and might even harm you, and you should talk to your doctor before buying any of these products.”

Bridport and District Citizens’ Advice has thanked Morrisons’ for giving permission for them to have a stand in the store and said that because fraudsters are always thinking up new ways to try and fleece unsuspecting victims out of their money we all need to be vigilant.