LYME Regis artist Rikey Austin is tickled pink that her self-designed Jilly Bear is raising so much cash for Cancer Research UK.

Jilly Bear, named after Rikey's mother who is currently receiving treatment for cancer, has sold so well in the Cancer Research shop in Bridport, and elsewhere in the country, that she has had to deliver more.

Rikey, who runs the Alice Bear Shop in Broad Street, was at the Bridport shop this week when the bears were flying off the shelves.

Shop manager, Pat Blake, said: "They sold out and we had to get this lot in. Look at them - they sell themselves."

With Christmas around the corner, Rikey thinks a Jilly Bear makes a perfect gift. "It is something that is so close to everyone's heart," she said. "This is the perfect Christmas present.

"When you buy it from this shop every single penny of the profits go to Cancer Research UK. It is a way of buying a nice Christmas present but making a real difference as well."

All the remaining bears, priced £9.99, will be signed by Rikey and come with a signed print of Jilly Bear.

Rikey will pledge further support to the charity on Saturday, October 27, when she holds a Cancer Awareness Day at her shop from 10am to 5pm.

There will be a nurse who can answer any questions, breast examination gloves to take a look at, information leaflets and cancer research products.

"We are basically being a Cancer Research UK shop for the day," said Rikey.

In the evening there will be an auction, mainly for traders, with pink champagne, pink cake, and a white chocolate fountain with pink marshmallows.

Rikey said: "We have given tickets to traders but if it is something that is very close to someone's heart they can come in to the shop and ask for a ticket.

"Anyone who wants to donate something for the auction can do.

"There are so many worthwhile causes in the town that we didn't want to go round knocking on doors.

"I would rather people who feel strongly about it give something worthwhile and everyone else can come in and either bid or make a donation."

The auction starts at 7.30pm.