The new mayor of Lyme Regis has been officially installed at a traditional ceremony this week.

Cllr Brian Larcombe MBE has taken on the role of the town’s first citizen and was joined by residents, family and local organisation representatives as he was officially sworn in at The Guildhall on Wednesday.

He takes over from Cllr Michaela Ellis, who held the post for two years and paid thanks to her husband Alan, her daughters and their partners and her mother for all their help and support during her term in office, and her deputy mayor, Steve Miller and his wife Heather.

Cllr Larcombe’s wife was installed as mayoress, Cllr Jeff Scowen as deputy mayor - who was presented with a bottle of rum to congratulate him on his new position - and Cllr Belinda Bawden, a new councillor, as deputy mayoress.

Cllr Graham Turner gave the toast to the new mayor, Cllr Larcombe, and said; “Brian brings to this role a wealth of experience in business and local government and I know he will work hard for Lyme Regis and represent its best interests.”

In response, Cllr Larcombe thanked his predecessor, Cllr Ellis, and hoped he could do justice to his new position as mayor.

said: “It is an honour to be mayor of Lyme Regis and I will do my best to fulfil the role as required and expected.

“The mayor has a representative role and lead, but just as important are the collective efforts of all the individual councillors and council staff.

“Some of our council has been re-elected and others newly elected. All need the chance to perform in roles that are important to the town, but also to them as individuals.

“Lyme residents have always shown a keen interest in the council and their views do help shape the town and what it becomes.”

Resident Nigel Ball gave the toast to the town council and thanked councillors and staff for the “positive things” they do for the town and they would work together to make Lyme Regis “a happier and better place to live”.

Cllr John Broom gave the response and commented on the council’s “highly colourful and entertaining episodes” in recent times but said it had achieved a great deal and would continue to do so.

Cllr Richard Doney gave a toast to the council’s officers and staff, asking for councillors and staff to work together as a team, with John Wright, town clerk, responding and highlighting the extent of work the staff undertake.

Resident Philip Evans MBE gave a toast to the town and congratulated Cllr Larcombe and paid tribute to Cllr Ellis.

He also asked all those there to toast and remember the men of Lyme Regis and American GIs who gave the ultimate sacrifice on D-Day at Omaha Beach.

Ken Gollop responded and highlighted Cllr Larcombe’s family connection to the war. He spoke of his grandfather who was a pigeon breeder, with the birds carrying messages between England and occupied France.

Cllr Larcombe finished by saying: “Lyme has to respect the past, but it also has to recognise the future and as long as those two things are held in balance, then the consequences of what we choose to do as a town need to be understood.”

The ceremony was followed by a reception at Lyme Regis Football Club.