The Lister and Langmoor Gardens have become a disgrace, ill-maintained and getting worse with Japanese knotgrass in one area being allowed to spread year on year. 

The gardeners clearly cannot cope and like all other public services are short of resources, which means manpower, which means money. 

This is a great pity as they had become attractive and improved after the disruption of the stabilisation works. 

Why on earth is the council spending limited resources on a totally unnecessary scheme reported to be coloured lights in the less formal part of Lister garden. This completely naff scheme which will enhance nothing and certainly will disrupt the birds which were supposed to have been encouraged by the installation of bird feeders in the area.

The installation has started which seems in itself thoughtless over the bank holiday and half term holiday period. Try not to turn Lyme Regis into a theme park.

Ken Baker
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