A MUCH-loved green space has been suggested as a possible new location for a major firework display - but town councillors are wary about the idea.

Bridport Round Table has approached Bridport Town Council for a second time over the possibility of using Asker Meadows for its annual firework display - though the organisation has stressed the idea is in its infancy and won't happen any time soon.

The round table first asked the town council to consider the idea back in January, when councillors raised concerns about highway safety, the environmental impact, the proximity to residential properties and the availability of parking.

At that time, councillors said they were worried about smoke from fireworks causing visibility issues on the A35. The round table has since said the risk of this is low and that, if necessary, it will consider scrapping the bonfire usually lit at the event.

The group hopes that, should the event be allowed to move to the meadows, more people will be able to attend and there will be a possibility of making it a much bigger event, raising more funding for good causes.

The idea was discussed at the town council's planning committee on Monday, when councillors raised similar concerns as before.

Cllr Clayton said parking would be a significant issue that would need addressing, while Cllr Sarah Williams said the round table had not yet consulted local residents or the highways team at Dorset Council - something it was asked to do in January.

Cllr Anne Rickard pointed out the town council's recent pledge to take action on climate change, following the declaration of a climate emergency.

"I like fireworks as much as anyone but the impact it will have on the environment is something to think about. We made a declaration," she said.

Cllr Julian Jones said: "If it goes ahead there should not be a bonfire. We have declared a climate emergency and every little helps."

The impact on those living in the surrounding houses was also raised as a potential issue.

Cllr Dave Bolwell said: "I live close by and while I don't mind fireworks, I know a lot of other people who do and who are worried more and more events are happening on Asker Meadows. They would need to be consulted."

The town council decided further information was needed from the round table and that the groups should carry out a consultation with locals.

Speaking afterwards, the round table's Pete Dacey said: "This idea is very much early days and there is no chance of it happening soon. We have lots of meetings coming up and we will listen to what the town council says. We will absolutely speak to the neighbours and carry out a consultation. It's just an idea as a way of having a bigger event and raising more money."

Bridport Round Table has provided the main public firework display for Bridport for many years, raising vital funds for local charities and good causes.