Objections have been made to plans for a roof over a restaurant's outdoor seating area.

The Watch House Café at West Bay has submitted plans for an area to be roofed on the western side of the building, covering around 70 square metres of seating and leaving the sides open under a reclaimed steel corrugated sheeting roof.

The proposals state that the material has been chosen because it will present a low visual impact when viewed from the beach area and, as it is a full matt grey, will not reflect the light.

They state that the area to be covered by the roof is already a formal seating area and the materials will ensure the building remains inconspicuous.

But Bridport Town Council's planning committee disagrees.

At a meeting on Monday, councillors said they did not object to the roof itself, but the material proposed.

Cllr Dave Bolwell said: "I have seen corrugated steel used before and it looks industrial to me and the material used is very, very important in this area."

Cllr Sarah Williams agreed, saying the material would not be in keeping with the conservation area, and raised concerns over the impact the appearance of the material would have on nearby listed buildings.

Councillors said it was 'hard to judge' without seeing an example of the material and how it would look.

The objected to the plans due to the material proposed.

Speaking afterwards, applicant and owner Steve Attrill said he was open to suggestions with regards to the material, but added that the reason corrugated sheeting was chosen was to keep it in theme with the harbour and 'rustic' environment.

"We're trying to build the business up and provide something for dog walkers, walkers and locals all year round," said Mr Attrill. "Everything we do, we try to keep in character with the area and we felt the rustic look was in keeping with the area. But I'm open-minded and open to suggestions."

Public comment on the scheme is open until June 18, after which date it will be looked at by Dorset Council.

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