In recent weeks it would appear that the two main topics in local and national news are Brexit and global climate change.

The Green party state that they support membership of the EU and want a people’s vote to ensure that even though we have already had a referendum the result being to come out, like a lot of our so called democratic MPs they only believe in democracy when it suits their agenda.

So, can they and any party be trusted on climate change? We hear from all parties about various ways of generating power, electric vehicles (what about the pollution created in the mining of minerals and manufacture of these) and the recycling of our personnel waste (makes us feel better), however none of them mention that the main course of pollution are human beings.

In 1920 the world population was approx 1.8 billion; today it is estimated to be 7.7 billion. Now I do not have a degree or any other major qualification but in my opinion it does take a genius to realise that increase population equals increase pollution.

Do we hear any one of our politicians suggesting population control, no, but until we all face up to it we will keep on polluting our world as every child born will increase pollution.

So let us all do our bit of recycling and protesting and buying new electric machines because it makes us feel better and watch the population/pollution increase.