Firefighters did their best to try and rescue a cat that had been stuck in a tree for days, but the stubborn feline had other ideas.

Just before 3.30pm today (Saturday) a crew from Bridport fire station was called by the RSPCA to a cat stuck up a tree on Allington Hill.

A spokesman for the station said: "Yes this actually happens. We were messaged on our Facebook page early this morning by a concerned owner. Their cat had been up the tree for a few days and couldn’t/wouldn’t come down.

"Quite rightly the owner didn’t want to dial 999 but was lost as of what to do. We advised them to either contact our control room on the non emergency line or call the RSPCA.

"One crew attended and liaised with the RSPCA and owner. Crews pitched a nine-meter ladder and armed with some food attempted to rescue the cat.

"Unfortunately the cat had other ideas and jumped to the next tree. It was decided to leave the cat in the hope that it will eventually come down. Failing this, we advised, along with RSPCA, to contact a tree surgeon who could attempt another rescue."