DORSET Council has declared a 'climate emergency' following a morning of protests.

Several protests took place outside of South Walks House to coincide with the first meeting of the new council

Groups from Extinction Rebellion, Save The Area North of Dorchester (STAND) and Budmouth Anti-Academy Action gathered outside the offices in large numbers to voice their concerns.

Extinction Rebellion called on Dorset Council to declare a ‘climate emergency’ to recognise the state of the planet.

Protesters took part in a peaceful 'die-in' where they lay on the floor outside the council offices in a 'dead-like' fashion to symbolise the impact of climate change on humanity.

A tweet from Dorset Council has confirmed it has declared a climate emergency.

A photo tweeted by the council showed that 69 councillors were in favour of the motion, while two councillors were against and six abstained from the vote.

Members of STAND were also out in full force. STAND is asking Dorset Council to look again at the county’s housing provision. The group is campaigning against a 3,500-housing scheme north of Dorchester.

Meanwhile, Budmouth Anti-Academy Action wants to halt plans for the Weymouth school to be taken over by the Aspirations Academy Trust.

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