These little ones are wondering what all the fuss is about as visitors flock to see them.

Cygnets have been born at Abbotsbury Swannery, and Bridport News reader Teresa Taylor kindly sent us this adorable photo.

This year there are more than 100 nests at Abbotsbury, and that means hundreds of fluffy youngsters expected over the coming weeks.

The swannery is the only place in the world where visitors can walk through a colony of mute swans, see cygnets hatching and learning to swim and participate in mass feedings twice a day.

The swans lay their eggs at two day intervals and hatching takes place 35 days after the final egg of the clutch has been laid.

The swanherd and his staff feed the adult swans three times a day on wheat grains while the cygnets are fed three times daily on chick crumb, a crushed pellet full of protein, and grass cuttings. Their parents also find natural foods for their cygnets such as algae, water-weeds and grubs.

Visitors can walk safely among the nests while hundreds of swans are hatching out on to the paths. This tremendous spectacle is one of the highlights of the English summer.

The swan population can double in June and July, when moulting swans become flightless and seek sanctuary. In November and December, the population triples when freshwater weeds are dying off and hundreds of other swans come to Abbotsbury to feed on the plentiful eelgrass.

Thanks to Teresa for her lovely photo.

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