An explosive council meeting has resulted in a councillor resigning - just two weeks after the election.

Cllr Cheryl Reynolds walked out of Lyme Regis Town Council’s annual meeting last night (Wednesday) - the first meeting of the new council - after the mayor and deputy mayor were elected.

Cllr Brian Larcombe was elected mayor of Lyme Regis, with Cllr Jeff Scowen as his deputy.

But Cllr Reynolds said she could no longer serve under their leadership.

She said: “I say this with my heart in my hand. My life has been made unbearable in this last eight months by some family members and certain people on this council and it still continues.

“I can no longer serve with people like Cllr Larcombe and Cllr Scowen, whose only ambition is to wreck this council’s reputation, it’s officers and me at the expense of this town.

“I have given my all of Lyme Regis, who I love and respect, but I am not prepared to do it any longer within this council.

“This council and Dorset Council’s social media policy needs to be changed. Your Dorset councillor blocks people who are confrontational and Cllr Scowen that continually posts nasty comments and allows others to do the same, should be stopped.

“I leave this council in despair, please accept my resignation now this moment.”

Cllr Reynolds then left the meeting as Cllr Larcombe said: “I ask Cllr Reynolds that you and the public judge this council on what it does.”

He then asked if Cllr Daryl Turner and Cllr Scowen would like to respond to Cllr Reynolds’ statements, to which Cllr Turner said: “I don’t lower myself like that.”

However, Cllr Scowen said: “I remind people that it was her actions and her behaviour that caused her downfall, nobody else, and I believe the new council, under the new mayor’s leadership with my help, will be more engaging with the town, more transparent and I welcome the start of a new era for both the council and the town.”

Cllr Reynolds’ statement comes after an investigation into her use of the n-word in a council meeting, which resulted in complaints being made by her brothers, Cllr Daryl Turner and Virgil Turner, and an investigation into whether she had breached the council code of conduct, and accusations she bullied Cllr Scowen - which she was cleared of - and called Cllr Larcombe a liar.

Cllr Cheryl Reynolds issues 'sincere and unequivocal apology' after n-word shame

She previously said this had done “irrevocable” damage to her family and the incident was a “witch hunt” and “smear campaign”, which resulted in numerous disagreements between her, her family members and councillors.

The position of mayor of Lyem Regis received three nominations, Cllr Michaela Ellis, proposed by Cllr Reynolds, Cllr Scowen, proposed by Cllr Stan Williams, and Cllr Larcombe, proposed by Cllr Graham Turner.

There were calls for Cllr Ellis to withdraw her name from the running as she had already stood for two years as the town’s mayor, but it was voted that she could continue to stand.

In the first vote, Cllr Scowen received two votes with Cllr Larcombe and Cllr Ellis both receiving six. Members then voted again, and Cllr Larcombe was elected mayor with eight votes against Cllr Ellis’ six.

Nominations for deputy mayor were Cllr Reynolds and Cllr Scowen, with Cllr Scowen receiving eight votes to Cllr Reynolds’ six.