ALL your old pens, felt tips, highlighters and makers can now be recycled at a new collection point.

A recycling programme for writing instruments has been started by Barbara Simons at Bridport Library, where a collection box has been installed.

The pens, as well as mechanical pencils, correction tapes and fluid pots, and also fountain pens and ink cartridges will added to the public collection point at Damers School in Poundbury, which will be sent to Terracyle for processing.

This does not include glue sticks, pencils, rubbers, rulers or sharp objects like scissors.

Terracycle reuses hard to recycle waste, offering a range of free national recycling programmes in partnership with brands, such as this one with Bic.

The company also collects biscuit wrappers, crisp packets, pretzel, popcorn and nut wrappers and bags, Pringle pots and bread wrappers, which can be taken to the RSPCA shop on West Street, Bridport.

Barbara said: “I have always been enthusiastic about recycling and discovered Terracycle online as I knew someone somewhere was taking on plastic waste that was difficult to recycle.

“I have been an artists all my life and a teacher, and in my creative family, we have always used lots of writing instruments, so this programme to recycle writing instruments seemed a useful plan to join as everyone else uses pens and they all go in the bin.

“Raising awareness that something else, every day, can now be recycled and transformed into other items, like watering cans or park benches, seemed a really useful thing to do.

“It seems a small thing when there is so much plastic out there, but I believe every little thing helps and if pens can be channelled away from being waste, it will make a difference and also get people to think about more sustainable alternatives.”

For more information or if your business or organisation would like to host a collection box, email

For more information about Terracycle, visit