DONKEYS at an east Devon charity are receiving an extra boost to their welfare and wellbeing thanks to an extension to their grazing opportunities.

A herd of 54 donkeys at The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth will have access to an additional area of land which contains a more diverse range of plant species for the donkeys to graze and forage on.

The new area starts with a track which will run through woodland then out into open pasture. The wildlife and conservation team have identified that the vegetation consists of mixed native species of grasses and flowering plants which are relatively low in sugars, high in fibre and more suitable to a donkey’s low energy requirements.

Fiona Cooke, head of research, said: “Enrichment is really important for the donkeys, as it allows them to exhibit more of their natural behaviours and offering them this chance in a natural environment provides additional benefits.

“The donkeys will be able to apply their natural skills in foraging by picking out different things to eat. We will hopefully see them make much better use of their upper lip and long noses to find the snacks they want.”

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