APRIL 29 1994

D-DAY COMMEMORATIONS: Plans to commemorate the 50th anniversary of D-Day in Bridport are taking impressive shape after complaints that the town was doing almost nothing to mark the event.

Twenty-three organisations have agreed to take part in a special parade through the centre of Bridport, followed by a service in St Mary’s Church and a festival of youth at Plottingham playing fields.

WEST BAY WORKS: A spate of plans for West Bay is prompting calls for the return of a committee to oversee the resort’s development.

The biggest scheme of all - the one that will affect everybody in West Bay - is the proposal to spend millions of pounds on building an outer harbour wall.

TWIN TOWN VISIT: Bridport’s mayor-making ceremony on May 19 is due to be attended by the civic leader of French twin town St Vaast-la-Hougue.

The French mayor and his party are among a group arriving from Bridport’s Normandy twin town for a weekend visit to west Dorset.


APRIL 25 1969

CAR CRASH CONCERNS: Claims that Bridport’s West Bay Road was like a race track were made at the local road safety committee meeting by Mrs. M. Guest.

In the hope of reducing the number of accidents there, it was proposed by the Rev. W. Lionel Brown (chairman) to ask the police to site more radar traps there.

LOCAL ELECTIONS: Twenty people will be contesting 11 seats on Charmouth Parish Council on May 6.

All but three of the existing council will eb seeking re-election. Admiral Sir Frederick Turner, Mrs. M. E. Preece and Mr. R. Lewis have lost their residential qualification.

MIXER DEMO: Members of Lyme Regis Women’s Institute were given a demonstration of a popular food mixer at their meeting at the Woodmead Halls.

A prize for a hand-painted Easter egg was won by Mrs. Nimmo and another competition won by a visitor, Mrs. Finney.