PLANS for a new ATM to be installed on a Grade II listed building have been submitted to Dorset Council.

Cardtronics UK Ltd, trading as Cashzone, is proposing to install an ATM outside 7 Broad Street in Lyme Regis.

It would be situated next to Fossils shop on Bell Cliff, under the blue heritage plaque.

In the design, access and heritage statement, Cardtronics UK said: “The freestanding ATM will be installed within the curtilage of Grade II listed buildings. The will not affect the building itself. The components and materials used are sympathetic to the listed building without compromising security.

“Great care will be taken when any work is done, and the ATM will not affect any existing architectural features and the integrity of the property.

“Any works done to the cobble footpath would be easily reversed and replaced to match the existing frontage and returned to its previous state.

“The purpose of the installation is to provide a 24-hour banking facility for the local community and visitors to the area.

“Site approval by the Cash in Transit has been obtained. They have considered routes to and from the ATM, ensuring there is a protection of their staff and of any staff or customers at the site. Paramount in their review has been the welfare of their staff and the persons they come into contact with.

“The area where the ATM will be installed is a well-lit open area in full view of pedestrians aiding natural surveillance.”

The town was left without a bank when Lloyds closed its Broad Street branch in May 2017, before this Natwest closed it Lyme Regis branch in 2015.

There is currently an ATM at the Tesco Express shop and one in the wall at Arthur Fordham and Co at the bottom of the street.