PERMISSION to allow a mobile zero-waste shop to trade for two and a half hours a week in a town centre car park has been overturned.

Beaminster Town Council previously allowed Green Weigh to use the Memorial Playing Fields car park on Friday afternoons but due to complaints from other traders in the town

In a statement by Beaminster Town Council, it said: “In altering its decision, the council recognises concerns expressed by a number of established traders in the town, particularly those offering similar products.

“The council also appreciates that the request had come at an inopportune time with the unresolved issues arising the ATM raid. The combined and sustained impact of these various factors were not fully taken understood by the council when making its initial decision.

“The town council will be happy to review the situation again once the issues in and around the town centre are resolved. In the meantime, please support Beaminster’s businesses, they offer a vast range of products.

“Those who wish to continue to continue to support plastic free shopping can do so at one or more of The Green Weigh’s other mobile locations.”

The Green Weigh was set up by a group of Bridport mums - Libby Rogers, Alex Green and Kate Robertson - in August last year.

It visits various towns and villages across Bridport and the surrounding area, bringing plastic free shopping and home deliveries to communities.

Libby Rogers said: “We were disappointed to hear that our permission to trade for two and a half hours a week in Beaminster were rescinded, as the residents of Beaminster were showing great promise in wanting to reduce plastic waste and our presence there was intended to help educate in how we can begin a cleaner, low waste life.

“It was wonderful to meet many in Beaminster who expressed how much they cared about the plastic pollution problem. We hope that the offer of our home delivery service to the residents of Beaminster will offer some consolation to those who want to use less plastic and continue their path towards a low waste life.

“We ask that the traders in Beaminster continue to be supported during a tough time and hope that we will be able to return to Beaminster in the near future.”

For a list of where The Green Weigh visits and for more information, visit