A MUCH-loved service which supports older and disabled members of the community needs your help.

Chancery Trips, working with clients of Chancery House Day Centre before and after its closure, is in need of a new minibus. 

The service continued following the closure of the day centre a year ago, providing a door-to-door service around Bridport and its surrounding villages and taking passengers on outings.

The trustees of the former day centre loaned Chancery Trips the minibus from last April, but volunteers have returned it as they did not have enough funds to buy it. 

In a statement, two trustees of Chancery House - Barbara Vousden and Keith Day - said they were 'very disappointed'  the minibus had to be returned. 

"We are saddened by the current situation," they said.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

SOLD: Chancery Trips returned the Chancery House minibus as it couldn't afford to buy it 

The Mercedes-Benz minibus, a regular sight in Bridport and the surrounding villages since 2012, has been sold.

Chancery Trips organiser Kate says she is determined to keep the service going and has now applied for grant funding, taking a smaller number of passengers on trips in the meantime. 

“We were not sure if we would be able to continue without the minibus," she said. "But, after hearing people’s comments, have carried on with small groups and hired a minibus on occasion.

“Sadly, this excludes our more disabled passengers. I have started a grant application, and members of Chancery Trips and volunteers aim to find funding to support our initiative and to get a disabled accessible vehicle.”

Chancery Trips takes passengers on social and leisure trips out. In the past year, volunteers have taken more than 800 people on 140 trips. 

One regular passenger said: “It keeps me sane and gets me out the house and is something to look forward to. I enjoy socialising and visiting interesting places or I could be stuck indoors.”

One volunteer said Chancery Trips was ‘down but not out.’ 

“People need us,” she said. “People enjoy the trips and have great fun – it makes a tremendous difference. If it stopped it would be missed so much. That’s why Kate has decided to try and keep it going.”

If you're able to help, or if you would like to take part in a trip, email chancerytripsbridport@gmail.com or call

Kate on 07590553666 or Marion on 07768247794.