PEOPLE of all ages are being encouraged to make their mark on a permanent art display for all to see.

A 3D art workshop with local artists Darrell Wakelam is being held at West Bay Discovery Centre over the Easter holidays to create a ship sculpture that will be a permanent addition to the chapel on the beach.

The installation is designed to celebrate West Bay’s shipbuilding heritage, which dates back to 1769 when it was one of the most important shipbuilding centres during the Napoleonic wars. The last ship built in Bridport was in 1879.

John West, trustee of the West Bay Discovery Centre, said: “Darrell has a great reputation for working with young people on a range of creative projects and we were keen to put on an activity for young people in the centre that would result in something that we could put on permanent display.

“His idea of a ship sailing through the window caught our imagination.”

Darrell Wakelam has been providing art workshops in schools, theatres, museums and other educational establishments for nearly 30 years.

His work mainly consists of large-scale 3D sculptures, built from simple scrap materials using cardboard construction, collage and painting techniques.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, April 16 and Wednesday, April 17 from 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.

Those interested in taking part are welcome to join in for as long as they want and don’t need any artistic talents. There is no need to book.

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