THE decision to join a CCTV monitoring project will be looked at again by councillors after finding out substantial costs are involved.

Members of Lyme Regis Town Council had previously recommended that they become part of a Dorset Council scheme which allows the town’s CCTV cameras to be monitored by Dorset Police, as it was reported that there would be no on-going cost to the council.

At a recent meeting of the town council, operations manager Matt Adamson-Drage revealed to members that there was now a set-up cost as well as an annual fee.

He said: “A fibre link will be required between us and the Dorchester CCTV patrol room, which will actually attract a cost of some £7,500. In addition to that cost, there will be an annual fee of approximately £1,200 in line for that line.

“Therefore, I think the council might wish to reconsider their original resolution on connecting this link to the council CCTV system.”

Cllr Richard Doney was not in support of the project when councillors first discussed it, saying that increasing surveillance of the public was ‘unfair’.

He said: “As you know I am not at all in favour of this idea.

“My view is now that we have been told we are going to pay for it, it makes it even worse value for money and I certainly can’t support it.”

Cllr Jeff Scowen was fully in favour of the scheme and asked if the town council could look at putting additional CCTV in Broad Street, a view he continues to hold.

He said: “Yes, it is a cost but I am still ‘go for it’ because I think the safety of the residents and visitors is paramount. We should not use it as an excuse to not have this scheme.

“I believe, and this is just my estimation, that crime has increased since I have lived in lyme Regis and I feel that that is a trend and it would get better – again in my view - if we had this system because we’re just going to close the door after the horse has bolted if we’re not careful.”

It was resolved to discuss the council’s involvement in the project again.