A ‘BLOKES brunch’ attracted more than 20 men who met to find out more about cancer and health advice while enjoying a free breakfast.

The Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support (ALCS) charity organised the event with Swim in Lyme Regis as a way to get men together and talk about health issues.

Attendees were informed about simple checks for cancers from Dr Nick Hodges who gave a presentation in the importance of checking yourself regularly as one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Bruce Kahn from ALCS said: “Men are a difficult group to get to talk about their personal health and we wanted to attract them with the offer of a free brunch to hear information.

“We are very pleased with the attendance and very grateful for Swim for their help and support in hosting the event.

“We have a number of health education events planned with full details on our website. We hold our weekly drop-in sessions and have an auction of promises fundraising event on March 30 at the Lyme Regis Golf Club.”

For more information about the group, visit www.axminsterandlymecancersupport.co.uk