THE proposed reduction of facilities at our Bridport Community Hospital, which will cause indescribable misery and inconvenience to many, suggests that those responsible for our NHS have lost sight of the meaning of service.

Presumably someone has evaluated the cost of such local services in monetary terms only, but can it be so expensive to have clinicians attend our hospital occasionally on a regular scheduled basis?

After all, the facilities are there to be used, and with an ageing population, such clinics will be in even greater demand as the years roll by.

At 85, a cancer survivor, and seriously disabled, I am one of many who have benefited from access to both the musculo-skeletal and cystoscopy clinics, for more than 10 years.

Bridport has an excellent record of caring for residents with a first class medical centre, adequate dental practices and a wellappointed hospital.

To reduce these valuable services in what was named as a clinical care hub only recently is the thin edge of the wedge, for inevitably more cuts will follow.