WHAT a delivery!

Midwives at Dorset County Hospital – who have had amazing success in getting more women to have their babies in the comfort of their own home – are the best team in the land.

The Cygnet Homebirth Team were awarded WaterWipes Team of the Year by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) at a ceremony in London to recognise excellence in the profession.

The awards, which were presented by Alex Jones from BBC's The One Show, celebrate the outstanding work in midwifery across the UK, with maternity teams across Dorset bringing home five of the 14 awards.

The Cygnet Homebirth Team were deemed the worthy winners for their commitment to facilitating long-term health and social benefits and for bringing 24/7 service and full-routine midwifery care to the home.

When the team launched in June 2015, only 2.3 per cent of women in the area were giving birth at home. The popularity of the homebirth team has gone from strength to strength ever since, with their service growing at a rapid pace.

Last month saw the team’s busiest month ever with 12.8 per cent of women in the area giving birth at home with the support of the Cygnets.

Cygnet midwife Ali Fuszard, said: “We are so proud to have won as we were up against midwifery teams of all types from all over the country.

“At the current time the national homebirth rate remains at 2.1 per cent. Women enjoy our service as all appointments are carried out within their home, not just the birth, so they get to know their midwife and receive a truly personalised service.”

The Cygnet team is made up of team leader Tara Pointer-Putt and midwives Karen Myers, Ali Fuszard, Catherine Hodge, Julie Younger and Rachel Cameron-Burton.

If you would like to know more about having a home birth call 01305 253169 or email homebirth@dchft.nhs.uk

The group meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm at the Children’s Centre on Damers Road in Dorchester, where anyone interested in a home birth is welcome to attend.